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Cloud-based Smartphone Applications for Rural Healthcare

AstroComm is currently in discussion with several Organizations involved in Rural Health Care and Epidemiological Monitoring & Control in the developing countries. Introduction of such new innovations will be successful if this is done within the context of the ground realities, including user skills. The primary challenge is to make the technology easily adaptable to use by volunteers with a minimal level of education and minimal expertise in smart technology. AstroComm offers this service based on its partner company, Brotecs, which already has proven record in developing and providing Rural Healthcare support in Bangladesh. This track record includes SmartPhone Applications that were developed for rural healthcare projects, jointly with World Bank, Intel, BRAC, Harvard University & Dimagi. The projects were:

  • Technology for Caring of the Newborn (Dolna)
  • Technology for Caring for the Expecting Mother (Shumanta)
  • VR Mobile Education