AstroComm Technologies, LLC

was formed in the beginning of 2014 as a joint enterprise of three companies noted below to bring together their respective skills and experience in consulting, products, and solutions to issues and opportunities in Satellite Communications.

AstroComm's mission is to develop better, cost-effective solutions that address our Satellite Communication customers' needs by bringing to bear extensive experience and knowledge of hardware, software and satellite.

Space Products & Applications, Inc. | Signal Processing Group, Inc. | Stitel Networks, LLC.


Transponder Solution to the New Space© Paradigm

New Space is a departure from traditional Communication Satellite business, in that the proposed New Space business cases require constellations of up to thousands of small satellites. This is attempting to break through the barrier of high cost of entry into this business, and the success in ‘New Space’ quantity and price target will depend on deviation from standard heritage and practice. It is understood that standard communication satellite heritage and practices will not be appl... Read more

AstroPAX High-Efficiency SSPA Technology

Products & Services for Communication Satellites

Software for Satellite Communications