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Aviation Communications

Aviation Communication Software is a part of AstroComm’s Converged Communications Software Solutions, with heritage in Satellite Communications for Business Aviation.

Key Projects:

-Aviation Communications Gateway – Includes On-board Voice & Data, supporting Iridium and INMARSAT satellites, through ISDN BRI & CEPT-E1 (Arinc 746) Interfaces
-IP PBX – On-board solution with multiple Iridium & ISDN Interfaces. DSP Integration for Voice Compression is also provided
-Emails & ACARS – On-board solution supporting multiple Iridium and ISDN interfaces
-Voice/SMS/Text/FAX – Iridium, INMARSAT, ViaSat network interfaces, using special compression technique
-Aviation Femtocell integration with IP PBX
-Satellite based secure VoIP and SMS mobile applications, for iOS & Android, using unique bandwidth optimization and compression