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Ground & Aviation Communication Systems

AstroComm offers multiple solutions to satellite communications:

Converged Communication Solution

Based on work already done by members of AstroComm team & ready for deployment.


We work with established ground systems providers to assist with design & product development. Our experienced and knowledgeable software & hardware development team provides valuable insight gained from previous experiences with satellite service providers to develop end-to-end custom converged communication solutions.

AstroComm brings software, hardware and SATCOM experience in the following solutions:

  • Satellite-based secured VoIP and SMS mobile apps for iOS and Android systems with unique bandwidth optimization & compression techniques.
  • Converged Ground Communication Gateway-supporting multiple SATCOM network interface with built-in high-availability/hot-standby support.
  • Remote office/onboard converged IP PBX solution with multiple Iridium and ISDN interface including DSP integration for voice compression.
  • Low-cost SMS over Iridium and Inmarsat network interface using low-bandwidth algorithms.