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For Terrestrial Applications

5G Cellular Technology introduces a high volume market for AstroComm High Efficiency SSPAs.


  • 5G Cellular Networks will offer a huge increase in data that will also result in a huge increase in power requirements.
    • Significantly higher power requirement than 4G/LTE
  • Higher transmission frequencies will require more dense cell towers.
    • Huge increase in number of SSPAs required for tower transmission.


  • Very high-efficiency SSPAs to provide more data with lower power usage.
  • Low-cost SSPAs to be economically feasible for cellular networks.
  • Volume production to satisfy the size of 5G networks (1000s-1000000s)

5G SSPA Global Opportunity: ~$2Bn over next 10 years.

  • 5G deployment is gaining momentum globally.
    • It is the communication backbone of the future, for application in smartphones, cars, utilities, factories, etc
    • Very high speed internet: >10 times 4G
    • Very high density coverage: 1M devices/sq. km
    • Operating frequencies up to 6GHz
  • 5G deployment will require a substantially larger density of transmission cell sites compared to 4G.
    • High frequency requires cell sites every 300m
  • 5G deployment will require very-high-efficiency SSPAs.
    • Requires high transmission power to transmit very large amount of data
    • Needs to minimize power requirements to reduce operating costs
  • AstroComm design enables low-cost high-volume assembly line production of high efficiency SSPAs